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Research 101

What we will learn:

  • Tips for using the Kirk Library, including services offered by the library
  • How to navigate the Kirk Library website
  • What resources are available to students
  • Ways to contact the library for help

Top 5 Things to Know About Kirk Library

1. Access

Even when working away from the main campus you can use library resources and services!

When off campus, simply start searching from the Kirk Library homepage. Our subscription resources (the items that we pay for access to) will prompt you to login with your Centralia College email ( and password. Personal emails will not work.

If you have any trouble logging in from off-campus, contact the IT Help Desk.

2. Library Resources

Sure we have lots of books, but most of the Kirk Library's collection is actually online and accessible through OneSearch and research databases. 

3. Interlibrary Loan

If the Kirk Library doesn't have the item you need for your assignment, we will search worldwide to get it for you using our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service!

Just fill our our ILL request form. You will receive an email with the resource attached usually 1-4 days after requesting it. In special cases we will contact you immediately if the item is rare or hard to locate.

During remote campus operations, we will only be able to fulfill requests for online resources. 

4. Teaching Resources

The Library is here for you, anytime, anywhere. We have lots of online teaching resources that you can use, including:

5. Support 

And most importantly, don’t waste time struggling, contact us with any questions you have. Staff in the Kirk Library can help with research, technology, and academic success. Meredith, Hyes00, Julie, Holly and Kyle

For assistance with your research project contact us at: 


 (Links to an external site.)


Kirk Library Website

The Kirk Library website is your access point to our millions of high-quality library resources. It is also where you can learn about our services, get help, and more!

Library Resources Overview

Below is a summary of the types of resources that Kirk Library has available for you to use. 


Use OneSearch to find books, articles, streaming  videos, and more. This tool searches the catalog of materials at Kirk Library, plus many of the databases we subscribe to.


Get started with OneSearch by watching the following tutorial. 

OneSearch Tutorial by Meredith Tummeti (2023) is Licensed CC-BY 4.0.  A transcript is available on YouTube. (Approximately 15 minutes long.)

Library Databases

What is a library database?

Kirk Library databases cover all major academic areas at Centralia College. Databases can contain academic journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, ebooks, streaming videos, and more. The Kirk Library pays for most of these databases to give you access to information that you cannot find on the open web. 

How do I find a database?

From the Kirk Library homepage, go to the Find tab and click A-Z Databases & Resources

Screen shot of Kirk Library Homepage with "Find" menu option activated and an arrow pointing to A-Z Databases & Resources option.

How do I access a database off-campus?

When researching off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your student email address ( and the password for your email.

If you have any trouble logging in from off-campus, contact the IT Help Desk.

Popular Databases

Academic Search Complete - Find articles on a wide range of popular academic subjects, such as literature, controversial issues, business, health & medicine, psychology, sociology, law, religion, philosophy, media studies, and many more.

Research Library (ProQuest) - Find articles on a wide range of multidisciplinary, popular academic subjects, including controversial issues, business, education, health and medical, law, humanities, psychology, sciences, and more.

Library Guides

If you're doing subject or course-specific research and don't know where to start, use a library guide! Library guides are created by librarians, after talking with faculty, specifically about your program or course!

How to Contact Us

As a reminder, we are here to help you! Don't hesitate to contact us. 

The fastest way to get help is to Email the librarians. All librarians and staff get notified and the best person to answer your question will respond.

We have a 24/7 Chat service, Ask a Librarian. When a Centralia College Librarian is not available, partner librarians will do their best to help you out until we are available again.

Librarians are also available to help by email, chat, phone, and video conferencing. If you already know your librarian, feel free to reach out directly to us. Here is our staff directory.

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