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Health & Fitness

Background Information

Start by learning more about your topic and gathering keywords to use in your search.

Top Resources

If you are short on time, these are your best bet for finding books, articles, and more on health topics.

Evaluating Sources

Looking for information sources on the internet?  Use the SIFT method to decide whether a website is credible before you spend time reading the web article. 

Watch the four videos about SIFT:

  • (S)top: Check your emotions.

  • (I)nvestigate the source.

  • (F)ind better coverage.

  • (T)race claims, quotes, and media back to the original context.

Kirk Library Research 101 Guide

Find Government Information

Many topics have aspects that connect to government agencies and policies. For example, government information would be really helpful when writing about wolf reintroduction, bans on vaping products, or child car seat requirements. The government produces many detailed, research-based reports that are excellent sources of information. 

Below is a short video that shows some tricks to find government information quickly. You can access Closed Captions and a transcript by viewing the video through YouTube.

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