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Kirk Library Website and Resources Introduction (No Quiz)

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Hello!  This Library Module is set up to mimic an in-person experience with Library Instruction.  The topics and activities will introduce the library services and resources, plus help you practice the research process, using your selected topic.

I am your Librarian, Meredith Tummeti, and my contact information is located in the box to the left, below the navigation menu.  At any time, if you need help with concepts or finding sources, please reach out to me or the library.

The plan for this session/module:

  • Get familiar with the Kirk Library website,
    • how to get assistance with your research or anything else library related,
    • library hours,
  • Searching,
    • Gathering background information
    • Understanding keywords and Boolean operators/modifiers,
    • Where to search: 
      • OneSearch
        • Saving what you find and collecting citations,
      • General Databases in A-Z Databases and Resources
        • Academic Search Complete
        • Research Library

This will probably take you a good hour or so to complete.

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