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Getting Started with Databases

What Are Databases and Why Do You Need Them?

You may be familiar with searching the internet for information using a search engine like Google, Safari, Edge, DuckDuckGo or Firefox.  Learn more about using the library databases for academic resources by watching this brief video.

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them by Yavapai College, used with permission.  A transcript is available on YouTube.

How to Choose and Use a Library Database

Now that you know why to choose library databases for academic resources for you research project, learn how to choose a database on the Kirk Library Website from Ryer, one of the librarians, in the following video.

Choosing Databases by Ryer Banta is licensed CC-BY 3.0.  A transcript is available on YouTube.

Did you happen to choose Academic Search Complete or Proquest Research Library? The following video helps you to get started.

Database Basics (General Databases) 2023 by Meredith Tummeti is licensed CC-BY 4.0The video has closed captions and a transcript is available on YouTube. (Approximately 16 minutes.)

Key Moments in the video:

(Visit YouTube to use the chapters.)

  • 00:00 Accessing the databases from the Library Website
  • 01:43 Academic Search Complete overview
    • 01:05 Starting your search
    • 04:09 Filtering your results
    • 08:38 Citation and storage tools available
  • 10:15 Research Library
    • 10:37 Starting your search
    • 11:56 Filtering your results
    • 13:45 Quick Look, Citation and Storage Tools
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